Adam Eterno

Jack Staff

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He's the Eternal Warrior , a champion destined to wander through time and space for all eternity. Fighting.  
An unnamed Adam Eterno made a cameo appearance in one issue of Jack Staff , as the " Eternal Warrior ", lost in the timestream. He reappeared at the end of #11 ( vol.2 ) , as shown below and played a role in the next storyline thru #12. Series drawn and created by Paul Grist who not surprisingly resurrects many other old British comic charcters , though he can't really comment :-)



The latest issue of Comics International notes that on January 16th a  Jack Staff Special  was on sale featuring the Eternal Warrior ( who also features on the cover ).



As of Thursday the 5th of February 2009 , Paul Grist has starting drawing a brand new adventure featuring a character from Jack Staff. The Eternal Warrior has been given his own blog , where Paul will upload a page of all new strips from time to time . To begin reading , simply click on the pic below!