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Welcome to the page where we showcase Adam Eterno or at least the comics who gave him the front page treatment! It was usually a good indicator of popularity of a given series if a character featured on the cover. And even though he graced a few of the covers during his time at Lion and Valiant , it was to be abroad that he really got attention!



Even though Adam Eterno featured on a good few covers across the British comic weeklies in which he appeared only these few have become available to us. Hopefully more will see the light of day as time goes on. Meanwhile here are the covers for Lion & Thunder Issues dated 22nd Dec 1972 , 3rd Feb 1973 , 12th May 1973 , 11th August 1973 , 6th Oct 1973 , 3rd Nov 1973 and Valiant Weekly Issue 680 and Valiant & Vulcan Issues 691 and 698. Here are the stats for each cover and the story title arc they are linked to (waiting on confirmation of artists):

Lion & Thunder-"The Spiral House": 09-Dec-72 to 23-Dec-72 ~Issue Dated 23-Dec-1972
Lion & Thunder-"The Mystery of Easter Island": 27-Jan-73 to 17-Feb-73 ~Issue Dated 03-Feb-73
Lion & Thunder-"The Hellriders": 12-May-73 to 09-Jun-73~Issue Dated 12-May-73
Lion & Thunder-"The Black Archer": 28-Jul-73 to 11-Aug-73 ~Issue Dated 11-Aug-73
Lion & Thunder-"The Gold-Eating Beetles": 22-Sep-73 to 06-Oct-73 ~Issue Dated 06-Oct-73
Lion & Thunder-"The San Francisco Earthquake": 27-Oct-73 to 10-Nov-73 ~Issue 03-Nov-73
Valiant-"Great Fire of London": 06-Mar-76 to 13-Mar-76 ~Issue Dated 06-Mar-76
Valiant & Vulcan-"The Gold Fungus":15-May-76 to 29-May-76 ~Issue Dated 22-May-76
Valiant & Vulcan-"Captain Scarr":10-July-76 to 24-July-76 ~Issue Dated 10-July-76  

The two Valiant covers are drawn by Munoz , a member of the Solano Lopez studio. Thanks to Steve Holland for that information. Artists for the remainder of the Weekly covers remain unknown to date!



Adam only featured 3 times on the cover of a British Annual - namely Lion & Thunder Holiday Special 1972 , Thunder Annual 1974 and Lion Annual 1978. Artists so far are unknown , though 1978 looks to be the work of Solano Lopez Studio?

Here are the stats for each cover and the story title arc they pertain to (waiting on confirmation of artists):
Lion & Thunder Holiday Special 1972:"Atlantis"
Thunder Annual 1974:"Francis Drake"
Lion Annual 1978:"The Incas"


Even though all the Adam Eterno stories in Janus Stark were reprints , the covers that showcased him were original! So kudos to the French for that. 
Adam Eterno featured no less than 20 times on the cover of Janus Stark during his 51 issue tenure. Enzo Chiomenti drew #6, #14, #21, #28, #29, #32, #36, #37, #39, #40,
#42, #48, #50, #51 and Guido Zamperoni drew #8, #16 while the remainder #5, #18, #22, #33 are unknown. Thanks to Dominik Vallet  for that information.