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Many of you are probably wondering just where do the titles for the various Adam Eterno stories come from? The truth is,apart from a few title blurbs on some comic covers alluding to the story inside,there were never any official titles. Enter Steve Holland....along with fellow comics archivist and indexer Gary Armitage. Back in the mid 80's they began the arduous task of trying to compile a database of strips across a vast selection of comic weeklies from both Fleetway and others. To aid them in their task of identifying artists etc they gave the strips invented titles. Usually they would look for the name of a villain or some important information from a particular story to give it a memorable title that could be easily checked again in future. For Adam Eterno they almost completed the full discography,but some Annuals,Specials and Weeklies eluded them. These have now been unearthed and named by a handful of scanners including Mike Gage,Alan Wright and Captain Storm. The thumbs below show the 3 Index books pertinent to Adam Eterno compiled by Steve Holland from which we garnered the titles for the online strips together with our own newly invented titles for strips that were unavailable at the time. A complete database for the Weekly and Annual strips can be found  here at our Discussion Group. Also you can click on the Lion and Valiant cover thumbs plus the Lion & Thunder and Valiant index thumbs for full size scans.





Click on the picture below of Steve Holland to read his "Brief History of Indexing". A very enjoyable read from the master himself! Plus some updates on possible reprinting of same!