Adam Eterno

Ye Cameos & Pastiches

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This page refers to all the non-canonical appearances of Adam Eterno. Though we use the term loosely-Cameos(or what we perceive as the actual character whether implied or not)include verified data as well as our own "best-guess" deductions. Pastiches (loosely or closely based on the character) allude to observable cross-references based on the character's inclusion amongst other well known unmistakable characters from the same comicverse. In this case,all characters would originally hail from the Fleetway Universe. Of course,non-disclosure and verification by artists/writers of the non-canonical Adam Eterno in view of copyright makes this a necessary exercise on both parties behalf. But guesswork is half the fun and it really is so obvious (our deductions) as to not be true! Suffice to say,it is a mark of the character's popularity that sees him resurrected time and time again in one guise or another.