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We sometimes become attached to a character and all that pertains to it and become disenfranchised when we believe that another character takes on his traits. But comic history is littered with characters who share some traits and even share the same name! Adam Eterno is no exception! All the charcters below appeared before our time traveller ; some shared a few traits and all shared his surname - ETERNO. Most are American but one is distinctly British. So read on and discover Adam's namesakes from a long long time ago!...


Fly Man #32 July 1965


If we travel back through time to July 1965,we will see our first instance of a character with the name-ETERNO! This megalomaniac intent on taking over the world first featured in Issue 32 of Fly Man comic published bi-monthly by Radio Comics in the U.S. The story centers around Fly Man and his Superhero cohorts who unwittingly awaken Eterno the Tyrant who is in suspended animation many fathoms beneath the Ocean. He has been asleep for a Million Years. But before he returns to his slumber decides to dispatch Doombala,a giant robot killing machine to take care of the Heroes. Read the strip to see what happens next...!

Smash #28 13th August 1966


Meanwhile over in Britain at the same time,we encounter...Eterno! Yes folks,if we go back in time to 1966 and the comic Smash and the strip The Legend Testers we find "Eterno"! He would also be the only other British instance of the namesake in a comic. Published by Odhams Press,this 8 part story found our heroes from the 40th Century battling a maniac who drained entire planets of their energy to fill his elixir of life which gave him the gift of immortality!!! This story featured in Smash from 02/07/66 - 20/08/66 and was scripted by Graham Baker and drawn by Jorge Bernet. This strip shown here sees the Death of Eterno!

Action Comics #343 November 1966


Moving onto November 1966 and the U.S. again we find Eterno the Immortal battling Superman. Built many centuries previously by the Xan,he was a gigantic robot slave. However he became trapped beneath the Earth by a strange substance known as Absorbium. Reawakened by Extra-Terrestrials intent on conquering the World,he was defeated by Superman! This was his one and only appearance in Action Comics.

Mighty Crusaders Vol 1 no.1
March 1983


Not many Super Villains are reincarnated 18 years later,but Red Circle Productions in 1983 released the first of their new Mighty Crusader comics featuring Fly Man and brought back the Atlantean Tyrant-Eterno!

Mighty Crusaders Vol 1 no.2
May 1983


In the second of the comics,Eterno builds an Army of Clones who will battle the Mighty Crusaders! It is not known if this is the last appearance of Eterno himself...I would surmise that his Clones would carry on his work,sans Master?