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Here is where I'll be putting items that don't quite fit in anywhere else. Sort of an attic of artifacts that still hold much fascination for the discerning fan and in my humble opinion are pertinent  Adam Eterno related memorabilia...hee,hee,bit over the top,eh? Anyway,you're sure to find something here to delight you. And no,it's not a dumping ground :-)



My thanks to StellarX for this scan of his original art board of the penultimate "El Dorado" episode! Some of these were going for hundreds of Sterling on eBay as of 2008!



Who is Thorg you may well ask?! Well if you journey back to the earliest Adam Eterno adventures in Thunder you would know that he was the chauffeur driving Greek Millionaire Hymis Metataxis' limousine which just happened to be gold-plated that hit Adam accidentally as he stumbled onto the road. Of course this smack sent our hero tumbling out of real time and into limbo. What happened next is history..but without Thorg's unintentional appearance in the scheme of things,old Adam would still be moping around somewhere looking for somebody to kill him with gold! Below you can see that fateful scene..all those years ago!



This is the 2 page advert featured in Issue 22 of Thunder March 13th 1971 detailing the merger the following week with Lion. Criminally Adam Eterno does not even get a mention even though he too transfered to Lion. By the fates,he outlived them all!!!


Left is the Contents page of Issue 1 of Janus Stark featuring our Hero,a la Francais from 1973! And right is a color ad which appeared in one of the Janus Stark issues ( I think Issue 2 ) . Click on the thumbnail as usual to see the full size image. Translated from the French it says: "You who love the fantastic the mysterious the supernatural read our new quarterly Janus Stark and you will be fulfilled." Then below the Eterno pic is "The man who cannot die".

"You who love the fantastic the mysterious....

These are some sample strips taken directly from the Janus Stark French fan site! If you know your French , you might be able to correlate the strips with the known story canon.




*This feature can be found at the new Ye Faces page. Still very much under construction! Click on the thumbnail  to check it out periodically.*




Who are these 2 mysterious men? They have one thing in common....Immortality! However while Adam Eterno was cursed with it , one of these whimsically sought it out whilst the other had it thrust upon him! Simply click on each picture to go to the relevant page.