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Welcome to the site dedicated to the Man who couldn't die,save by a blow from an object made of solid gold! Cursed in 1580 by his master Erasmus Hemlock for quaffing the Elixir of Life ,he is doomed to wander the Timelines fighting evil and injustice wherever he may find it! He is Adam Eterno!

I hope to celebrate this much neglected character by putting online all of his adventures for everybody to share and enjoy!

The sites mission is to be a comprehensive reference work for Adam Eterno and will include the full stripography,interviews with artists and writers,and any and all ephemera to do with the comic character.Please help if you can.

If you like what you have seen,please leave a message in the Ye Scribes page and let me know!


What's New?

Important news inside folks! See Ye Pamphlet
for details.