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You may have wondered what happened to the "Ye History" and "Ye Creators" pages? Fear not,they have been archived while I draw up a complete re-write of the two and combine them into this new page-"Ye Musings",where I will endeavour to wax lyrical aboout the history of the character,the creative team behind him and the comics he appeared in! I believe it will make for better reading when completed and appreciate your patience while waiting. The Creators profiles are still below to tide you over,but even they are up for reassessment in the near future. The joys of research,eh? Anyway,hope you are enjoying the new layout of the site. It will take a while to get there,but we think it will be worth it! The first 2 grey text boxes below are just a template for the time being and to give you an idea of where I will be going in terms of writing style.


Adam Eterno was a comic character who first appeared in the Fleetway boy's weekly THUNDER which was launched on October 17th 1970 in the United Kingdom and distributed to many of her former colonies as is, with the only difference being the cover price which was altered by exchange rates and shipping charges. Like most comics from Britain,it was also widely on sale in Eire where VAT would push the price up a little. The cover price was 8d or 3 1/2 new pence and featured a drawing of the free gift given away with the comic-a cardboard Kangaroo!Thankfully what lay inside was a little better-"The Terrible Trail to Tolmec","Black Max","The Spooks of St. Lukes",oh,and one other strip-"Adam Eterno"! This strip was to become a firm favorite among fans for the next 6 years of its original run.

The first page was spot colored green(generally a cheaper way of saying it was in "color") and introduced us to the Alchemist's assistant,a very adolescent 31 year old Adam (see Ye Origin for more). The beginnings and creative forces behind the character are shrouded in mystery and widely open to speculation.Our more up-to-date "best guess" scenario as of January 2009 hinges on Jack Legrand,head of the Fleetway Boy's Dept. Legend has it that he came up with the basic idea together with Chris Lowder(Assistant Editor of THUNDER). Tom Tully was brought on board to script the series with the drawing privileges going to Tom Kerr.


Please be aware that this page will be removed in the very near future!