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Below is the complete Stripography or as near as we can can manage to date. Please be aware that this is a work in progress and as such some strips may be missing. However,due to the gallant efforts of like minded fans,we are constantly filling in the gaps. The chase is half the fun! Adam Eterno originally appeared in a run of British Weekly comic anthologies between 1970 and 1976,which are shown below in chronological order. Simply click on the thumbnails to go to that comic's particular run of the strip. He also saw service in many Summer Specials and Annuals. So what follows is the Original canonical run of the character. Enjoy this trip back in time ( or through time! ) and let the reading commence!



Ye Weeklys


Ye Specials

Ye Annuals


If you think the British run was Adam's only outing,think again! From Australia to Portugal to Spain,Adam has traversed the globe;no problem for a Man who can travel through time and space! Obviously the European reprints are in their own language,but the editing and formating makes for good comparison. Also if you happen to be French or Portuguese,then you are in for a treat! Interestingly,many of these comics have thrown up their own unique cover drawings and are a must for any Adam Eterno fan. Again,they are shown in the order in which they first saw print.