Adam Eterno

Ye Janus Stark

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Janus Stark was a French Language Reprint title published by Mon Journal from July 1973 to June 1989 in France. Rumour has it that Gil Page from Fleetway was responsible for farming certain British comic characters out to Foreign publishers. This particular comic carried as its lead story another famous character recognizable to British comic readers - Janus Stark , the famous Victorian escapologist and crime solver , who first graced the pages of Smash and then Valiant & Smash when the two merged. However , the French comic re-printed many other British characters including our hero - Adam Eterno , who featured in the first 51 issues from July 1973 to March 1983 , appearing on the front cover 20 times!  The magazine ( originally published quarterly ) changed to a Monthly from November 1981.
The original story arcs from Thunder , Lion and Valiant ( I.P.C./FLEETWAY ) were heavily edited , revised and embellished for the French Petit Format with explanatory text and retouched images.


Click on the thumbs below to start reading Adam's adventures in Issue 1 , 22 and  40 of Janus Stark. A la Francaise of course! More to come!
** Please note that I will only credit the Cover Artists related to Adam Eterno covers **

Issue 1


Issue 22

Issue 40