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Welcome to a new feature readers! Here we will put a particular Adam Eterno story or series , be it picture or text under the spotlight from time to time. We will break it down and completely assess it with referenced illustrations from the actual story being discussed. We feel this will enable the archivists and hardcore fans to better appreciate a given strip and also enhance our enjoyment of the legend that is..Adam Eterno! As time goes by , previous articles will be thumbnailed below in a table for easier access.



text : Unknown                            art: John Catchpole



This text story from Lion Holiday Special 1975 is one of those rare gems one discovers in amongst all the picture stories. It was released during the weekly run of the Lion & Thunder merger. Usually when a writer has no tangible pictorial reference to get his story across , he has to rely on his imagination to convey the mood and feeling of a particular script to the reader. At times like this , we can get a rare insight into the background of a character that we otherwise would not be privy to ; and this text story is no exception. I have paraphrased the entire opening script as it explains exactly what Adam has to endure each time he comes out of limbo and in to the real world.


"Adam Eterno rose groggily to his feet.It was always the same , he thought , wearily brushing the back of his hand across his brow. Always the same bone - aching exhaustion and fatigue. Once more he had been hurled out of the incredible whirling maelstrom of time and space - that indescribable dimension of total chaos to which , after each adventure on Earth , he found himself banished , there to be tossed this way and that in a shambles of crashing stars. Now once again , he was free of it. He didn't know why it happened ; nor did he know how it happened. It just happened. It was inevitable. He was vaguely aware that some monstrous Fate guided his actions...that he was sent to aid those in distress or in need of succour , in every era of time - from the dim recesses of the forgotten past to the far - flung future. And he knew of course , that it was the sorceror's curse , all  those centuries ago , that had thrust him into this bizarre and dangerous half - life. He smiled grimly at the thought - it was not exactly true to say that his life was dangerous. For was he not incapable of  being killed? Was he not...immortal? Then he shuddered , and his eyes glowed with a strange fire. No...not quite immortal! One thing could slay thing could end his astonishing existence. Gold! A fatal blow from a weapon made of solid gold! This had been the final part of his dying master's curse when Adam had quaffed the fatal draught - the forbidden elixir of eternal youth - in the blazing inferno of the sorceror's laboratory."




"Where was he? He must get his bearings...find out what task he had to perform...who he had to help." The author draws upon an interesting condition of the Eterno condition. He never knew what time he was in and was never given a mission. He had to find out both by himself! ( Some writers would actually state the year in the opening frames of the weekly strips later on. ) Adam found himself in a snow storm. Again , the author plays on the sense of fear and unknowing . "Where was he? He could be anywhere. There was no clue in the landscape , nor in the trees that grew up the slope from him. Suddenly , he tensed. A faint howl echoed across the silence. And another. And yet another. Wolves! That meant he was somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere , surely. Canada , perhaps , or Russia. He turned towards the trees and began to move up the slope , plodding through the thick drifts , until he suddenly stopped dead and grunted a surprised oath." As the storm subsided , Adam heard the wolves cries grow louder and nearer. Before he knew it , he was overcoe by a mad pack of snarling wolves. Only his super human strenght enabled him to throw them clear. By the end of the fight , the wolves had turned and fled , save for one who was now dead. Suddenly , from out of nowhere , an Englishman appeared.