Adam Eterno

The Butcher Boy

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Bet you never knew Adam Eterno had Irish connections?! The following quote is taken from The Butcher Boy,a book written in 1992 by Irish Author Patrick McCabe(pictured right):"But I paid no heed to them I was too busy being Adam Eterno The Time Lord in that big chair." The story centres around a disaffected youth Francie Brady played by Eamonn Owens who goes on the rampage in a small Irish town. Hated by all,he retreats into his own world and believes he is Adam Eterno!!!!



The book was made into a movie in 1996 by celebrated Irish Director Neil Jordan (pictured left). Not sure if the reference to Adam was included. Can anybody confirm this? Wonder if there is a YouTube video of Eamonn Owens (pictured right) speaking the lines referring to Adam Eterno?.

Here we see the covers for the book and the film. I would be grateful if anybody who has the book could scan in the page where mention is made of Adam Eterno. Also if anybody owns the DVD,can they verify if Adam is namechecked?

Adapted and directed by Mauritius Bābuin and Susanna Garabello,this monologue was performed on stage in Corsican in March 2007. It literally extracted one scene from the film/book and focussed on Francie's terrible childhood and his reliance on comic book heroes like Adam Eterno to lift him out of his surroundings and into a fantasy world! So it would seem between 1992 and 2007,Adam saw action as a referenced character in a book,a film and a stage play!So now we have an Italian Connection!!! The thumbnails left and right show details of the Programme for the play.