Adam Eterno

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"Created by CHRIS LOWDER , based on an idea by JACK LEGRAND , first drawn by TOM KERR , first written by TOM TULLY. Developed by TOM TULLY , TED COWAN , CHRIS LOWDER , & DONNE AVENELL (WRITERS) and COLIN PAGE , SOLANO LOPEZ STUDIO & JUAN GIRALT (ARTISTS). Additional artists contributed to some weekly strips  including Summer Specials/Annuals/European Reprint (cover artists-GUIDO ZAMPERONI & ENZO CHIOMENTI) BDs. KEN MENNELL & SCOTT GOODALL may have scripted some weekly strips"





CHRIS LOWDER is perhaps notable as being assistant Editor of THUNDER and who actually created ADAM ETERNO who then went on to personally script 4 strips of the series in LION & THUNDER! Little is known personally of this great Writer and no photo exists online. However it can be surmised from the few facts available and other more reliable data that he was initially involved in an editorial capacity in comics and eventually went on to become a freelance writer. One common thread that runs through all his work is the concept of "Time" as witnessed by perhaps his most well known work of the late 70s - TIMEQUAKE. This was co-created with JOHN COOPER for the STARLORD comic back in 1978. The series revolved around a group known as Time Control who prevent alterations to the fabric of time. An excellent strip and highly recommended. Another series was INFINITY INC which was co-created with JESUS REDONDO. This strip was about a time-travel tourism company. So this would fit in neatly with DEZ SKINN's "best guess scenario" that CHRIS LOWDER as ASSISTANT EDITOR of THUNDER would have been involved with the creation of ADAM ETERNO , especially noting the time travel links with all the subsequent creations! He has been known variously as JACK ADRIAN and a plethora of other pseudonyms including "J. H. TEED" and "T.G. CRIBBLING". Interestingly some of his one-off strips for 2000AD , for whom he has worked extensively over the last 30 years , have been drawn by fellow AE Artists IAN KENNEDY and ERIC BRADBURY.





JACK LEGRAND 1920-1986. He was well known for his work on FILM FUN in the early 40s and on but is perhaps more famous for his work as Managing Editor of numerous I.P.C. comics throughout the 60s and 70s and of course for being the creative force behind many fan favorites. Jack joined the staff of FILM FUN back in 1936 at the age of 16. Jack's family pedigree stretched right back with his father working on a Woman's magazine and his Uncle being chauffeur to LORD NORTHCLIFFE of the HARMSWORTH comic Empire! FRED CORDWELL , editor of FILM FUN played PROFESSOR LEWDROC in the Photo-Story-JACK KEEN , with his brother-in-law as JACK KEEN and JACK LEGRAND as his assistant BOB TROTTER. This can be seen in FILM FUN ANNUAL 1939. Jack served as a glider pilot during the Second World War and on being demobbed in 1946 returned to FILM FUN. Jack became a great "ideas" man and would often say - "If you think of a comic illustration,draw it and I will create a story around it". This would suggest that Jack was not so much an artist but a writer/creator. Indeed he would assume Senior Editorial status on FILM FUN in 1950 and on the paper's demise in 1962 , would continue his career with I.P.C. becoming Managing Editor of several comics. Of course this would include a new title in 1970 called THUNDER which also happened to feature a new character called ADAM ETERNO , which he seeded as an idea with CHRIS LOWDER,TOM TULLY and TOM KERR. It is my opinion that TOM KERR came up with an illustration of a Sorceror and his apprentice and JACK LEGRAND trashed out a rough storyline. CHRIS LOWDER matured the story and TOM TULLY fleshed it out! So even though he has been credited with many creations , I believe in this instance he merely came up with a simple outline.