Adam Eterno

2000ad Action Special 1992

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In 1992 Fleetway released this controversial take on its back catalogue of older characters . 2000ad Action Special was released in 1992 and one story that concerns us here is "The Spider" entitled "Vicious Games" . This places the Spider in a modern day setting , portraying him as a homocidal lunatic . Our Investigator tries to track him down and  while wandering the streets happens upon an archway populated with old Fleetway characters! As he walks under the archway , a lone solitary figure sits in a hunched position with his back to the wall away from everybody else. Cue one Adam Eterno!

Curiously for 2000ad , there were no credits! So we don't know who drew or even wrote the strip. I have blown up the frame below to put Adam into context so there can be no doubt that it is indeed the old time traveler himself. StellarX lists the writer and artists as : Mark Millar and John Higgins & David Hine respectively.