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17th Dec 2006 - 12th January 2009


Hello inquisitive ones! This is where we keep our message archives from times past! Please feel free to peruse them and marvel at what we discussed here in years gone by. It's our little history cache of what we were up to and where we hoped to be going with the site. Looking back now , I can only hope that we managed to fulfil at least most of them , if not all!


12th January 2009
Welcome to 2009! And what a start to the year,eh? Newly discovered books from 1974 in Portugal featuring Adam Eterno no less have come our way!And research,at a very preliminary stage would indicate he appeared in Serbia too! On a more general note,we are forging ahead with the LION run of strips which should be completed in the near future.That just leaves the VALIANT run to up and hopefully complete. The strips may be the meat and potatoes of the site,but it is the analysis thereafter that really interests me. Again,I extend an invitation to anybody out there to join our discussion group(see Ye Links). A place for all true fans! I have a lot of plans for the site,time permitting,and hope to achieve that very soon. As always,if you can help out in any way,don't hesitate! Cheers.
11th December 2008
I recently received delivery of 8 Issues of JANUS STARK!So scanning will commence shortly.Check out the page for new uploads periodically.It is very interesting to compare the re-editing that took place to make the strip fit the format.Also,a sobering thought to think that Adam Eterno was still being published and read,albeit reprints,in a comic for 7 more years after his closure in British comics!
5th December 2008
My eternal thanks to Tim Wright who sent me the missing part 10 scans of the epic El Dorado series.We can finally begin showing this fantastic adventure where Adam takes on all sorts of weird creatures.The action starts over at the Lion & Thunder page right now.Check back often to catch up on the series.
26th October 2008
Following hot on the heels of the conquistadors comes Adam battling it out in the French Invasion of Moscow in THE SPIRAL HOUSE.Read it now!
25th October 2008
Apologies for lack of updates lately,but things hectic in Real WOrld.Anyway,a new adventure for you tonight,the 2 part THE SPANISH INQUISITION.See how Adam Eterno handles them over at the Lion & Thunder page.More coming very soon!
2nd October 2008
A new adventure for Adam Eterno,where he pits his wits against a strange enigma in WW1,flying a plane! It's all happening in the 4 part "The Traitor of 26 Squadron" over at the LION & THUNDER stripography page.Make sure it's not just a flying visit! :-)
14th September 2008
A while since I posted here!But we return with splendid news!The long lost strip from LION & THUNDER HOLIDAY SPECIAL 1971-"The Robot & The Butler" is now online!Click on the image on the hoempage to start reading or go to the Specials page of the site.Enjoy!

10th May 2008

Graham Hill the artist behind the color portrait of Adam Eterno for J1P2 comic back in 2004 has contacted me.Also he is preparing another more detailed expose on our tragic hero in black and white pencils.And he has joined our Yahoo group to boot.Also Adam does battle with some unruly plants in the 5 Part "The Killer Weed" playing over at the Stripography page in the Lion & Thunder Weekly slot!Enjoy.Also Imageshack appears to be working again and some links that had gone stale are back up.Chat very soon!

6TH MAY 2008


No,we're not merging with another comic LOL!This is just to say I have upgraded the site with Tripod to make it an ad free site.And oodles of extra web space to boot.So plenty of room for Adam Eterno to expand in the near future.Cheers to all our contributors and fans.Let's fill this Universe for Adam!

5th April 2008

A new page folks....Ye Other Eternos!Yes,now you can read about the other characters who shared Adam's surname.A nice little side trip which is fun to compare to the strip we all know and love!On the burner at the moment is Ye Faces where we will talk about the various visages of AE!See you soon!

11th March 2008

Sorry for the lack of any new content in recent weeks folks.But real life has a habit of taking up a lot of my time.I have a few ideas where I want to take the site next.Priority will be a housekeeping task for various sections of the site,clearing out detritus and the like,clarifying and tidying up a few sections,most notably the Creators page and Ye Extras,which has become a bit of a dumping ground;really needs to be made more fluid and manageable.Also am awaiting scans of LION HOLIDAY SPECIAL 1971(If eBay offered it,I would buy it at any price!);also will be bringing together a lot of material from the forum that has earned it's place in the canon.SO hopefully when I get a bit more time,I will begin these mini-projects ;-)

20th February 2008

Phew,a while since anything much happened here!Well,good news is I managed to purchase a copy of VALIANT ANNUAL 1980 with the "BARON DRAXA" reprint,so that is now online in the Annuals section of the Stripography folks.Will be back here hopefully soon with more scans.

16th January 2008

The Golden Eagle of the Zolerns 1-3 from LION & THUNDER Issue 1120-1123 playing over at the Stripography.Also last of the Xmas strips have been relocated.Database for the LION run finalized and set in concrete.Just waiting on Crikey article on AE.Also lots of fascinating info based on and around Adam coming to the fore.Stay tuned!

11th January 2008

The Great Fire of London,a great 3 parter from Lion & Thunder Issue 1017 (42)published from the 1st to the 15th January 1972 is on view over at the stripography.Enjoy.

2nd January 2008

Happy New Year to all!I have updated the SPECIALS and ANNUALS part of the stripography with writer/artist details as so far known.Also if you go to the end of the YE EXTRAS page and click on the SPELLBINDER image you will be taken to a weird and wonderful place :-)As a little side project,I have begun my own tribute to Sylvester Turville aka THE SPELLBINDER!Enjoy.I would hope to expand on this project in the future.As you know,ADAM ETERNO and THE SPELLBINDER shared a strip together-SWITCH IN TIME-though never actually met!Chat soon.

31st December 2007

17th December 2007

Well,our first year has come and gone.And what a lot has been achieved in that short time.From playing around with some thumbs found in old threads on other groups to receiving the IMBIE Archive which included the "Almost Complete Run of Thunder and Lion & Thunder" composed mostly of StellarX scans whom we then had the pleasure of actually joining the group.Onto the stratospheric contributions of Alan Wight and Mike Gage who upped the ante by scanning strips from Valiant that had never been done before(not forgetting the Specials and Annuals).And the reams of info and scans forthcoming from other group members from near and far...U.K.,France and Australia!!!My thanks to one and all.The Yahoo Group is coming on in leaps and thanks to all the members there too.And we have an article published in Crikey magazine which we should see in January.So lots more to do,and I look forward to it very much.The site and group are a dream come through for me.I hope you all feel the same.Finally,my thanks to Steve Laming who sent me a hard copy of the AE Origin story from Lion Summer Special a few years back and planted the seed of a site in my mind.P.S. My thanks to John Freeman from Down the Tubes and Dez Skinn who provided me with foundation of a Creator background for the character.I forgot to mention you in the article.A million apologies.I'm mentioning you now and will again in the future.

14th December 2007

Well,folks,almost a year old!And what a year!More on this anon!Also if you click on the AE pic on homepage it will take you to a Special Xmas page where we host 3 Xmas stories from Lion & Thunder 1971,1972 & 1973 respectively...Fangs,Snowmen and Zolerns!Enjoy!

2nd December 2007

"The Marsh Monster" is playing over at the Lion & Thunder part of the Stripography.Also what do you think of our Christmas logo on the front page?Lots more happening in the background.Also Crikey will be running an Adam Eterno feature in January.Details as they occur!

1st December 2007

Right,the Birthday page is completely cleaned out and all the items have been allocated to their respective pages...either Ye Covers,Ye Stripography or Ye Extras.Uploading continues apace!Check back often.We're fast approaching the first anniversary of the site.Have you a favorite page or feature..any suggestions?...please let me know!

27th November 2007

Okay,YE COVERS is up and running,more on that anon.Also a NEW page,"YE ORIGINS".Required reading this,for hardcore fans and those interested in the legacy of the Man of Centuries.Also as mentioned before,markers are being left in place on YE 37TH BIRTHDAY page to indicate where items are being moved.As you know,the page is accessed by clicking on the image on the homepage.A lot more to do as we approach the first anniversary of the site!!!!A year already!!!!

16th November 2007

Hi all,latest news is that a little bit of arranging or re-arranging is afoot.No storm giants this time!I have begun the process of revising the Janus Stark element of the site and to that end 2 new pages have been added to house JS Issue 1 and 40 of Adam's French voyage.Also another new page has been created-Ye Covers.All 3 pages are in a state of flux at the moment but will be fully realized over the next few days,so please bear with me.It will be worth it.Also,The Gold Robot is now online in the Valiant Solo page of the Stripography.Compare this soon to the JS no.40 rendering.So be patient,all will be revealed. ;-)

15th November 2007

Great news!Dominik Vallet has kindly supplied me with details of the artists who drew the AE covers for Janus Stark!They are "Enzo Chiomenti : #6, #14, #21, #28, #29, #32, #36, #37, #39, #40,#42, #48, #50, #51 and Guido Zamperoni : #8,#16. Alas,#5, #18, #22, #33 are Unknown"
Which reminds me,must clean up the Janus Stark page here.And most probably activate the Ye Covers page.Also must put some strips online...sorry but have been busy researching.

4th November 2007

We have uncovered all the artists for the Specials and Annuals(except The Goblin Crown).Will update soon.Plus a surprise or two!And we have begun the process of identifying the writers based on their style though that will be difficult!Also one Dave Gibbons has stated he lettered some early AE strips!



8th September 2007

Ahead of the birthday celebrations next month,we give you a new page-Ye Indices.This charts the history of the invented titles for the complete stripography so far which will be expounded on later.You also get the 2 Indices from Lion and Valiant originally composed by Steve Holland.And a picture of the maestro himself as well :-)Enjoy!

10th August 2007

Adam encounters a mysterious Pirate Island tonight.This story has a connection in more ways than one with the AE story.Stay tuned to find out just what!

9th August 2007

Adam takes on The Golden Pharaoh tonight in a great 3 part thriller!Okay it's really a Mummy :-)

8th August 2007

Adam takes on The Spanish Armada tonight in a brilliant 2 part story!

7th August 2007

Hi folks,another 2 stories from Lion & Thunder for your enjoyment tonight!The 2 part Geflin One-Eye and the complete adventure Marga/Ancient Rome!

4th August 2007

3 more strips in the Lion & Thunder page,folks.The Durango Kid,The Neanderthals and Blackbeard the Pirate.Happy reading!

25th June 2007

Adam Eterno's last original appearance has been kindly forwarded to me by Mike Gage and will be shown on October 17th of this year.So book your seats now :-)Also you may notice a little pic link on the homepage to the movie "The Fountain" which has hints of Eterno about it taking in time travel and what I always imagined the Limbo scenes to be in my mind.Brilliant.Of course no connection is meant or implied but it gives a clue as to what an AE movie would look like!

22nd June 2007

Hello to all Adam Eterno fans.I have started to really flesh out the Valiant & Vulcan weekly run of strips in earnest now.Latest arrival is "The Stone Ones".As part of the birthday celebrations on October 17th of this year I will endeavor to include a full list of contributors covering everything from the Imbie Archive which consisted mostly of StellarX scans through Alan Wight and Mike Cage up to and including the Missing StellarX scans which I must get online soon by the way.The story behind the scans merits an article in its own right :-)Suffice to say,a lot done and a lot going on behind the scenes.It's going to be a red letter day,nay,year for old Adam.Please if you like what you see and read leave a comment in the Guest book(aka Ye Scribes)so I can get some feedback on the site and where I should take it next.Talk soon.

7th May 2007

I hope everybody enjoys the new look and feel of the site!I have cleared out a lot of the detritus that had built up over the last couple of months and clarified and expounded on a lot of the data that is coming to the fore.A lot done,a whole lot more to do!By Crom!

5th May 2007

We are progressing nicely now with scans coming in thick and fast...just have to edit and collate the whole lot now :-( and :-)!Don't forget to check out the Vulcan page!And the Valiant Annual 1978 strip is online now.Happy reading!

29th Apr 2007

The complete 22 issue run of the original Adam Eterno strips from Thunder are now online!

27th April 2007

The latest scan of Thunder Issue 19 sees AE return to his former master's house almost 400 years after he last visited!And it's now a place of historical interest!This is the only time AE has returned to Earth without the express purpose of combating evil or injustice...sort of a busman's holiday.And a kid puts the fear of death into Adam's heart!

16th Apr 2007

Hi Folks,StellarX over at the group forum kindly sent me a missing episode from the Hellriders strip of 26th May 1973 of Lion & Thunder.It's in the stripography page now for your enjoyment.Will complete this particular series asap!

14th Apr 2007

Seems like forever since I last made an entry here!Anyway,have just had broadband switched on so have been busy uploading as you can imagine.The Specials and Annuals sections are almost complete with a few still alluding us.Also have started to upload the Thunder section in earnest so that should be complete soon.The Valiant section is progressing nicely but the Vulcan merger stories are still hiding out there somewhere :-)Also am still working on the Lion section with just a few missing now.All in all,good news for the stripography front.BTW,if you like what you see here,why not pop on over to the group forum for a chat-link in Ye Links page...later.

27th January 2007

Seeing as life begins for me this weekend-yes,I am 40! I have put online Thunder Issue 18's Adam Eterno strip!
In keeping with the standard naming convention for the Adam Eterno index by Steve Holland I have decided to give the heretofore "Unknown" Thunder Issue 18 strip the title of "The Gold Knight"(BTW no database that I know of seems to name Thunder Issues 9 and 10 2-part story-if none so far exists let it be hence known as "The Golden Talisman")
Also the fates seemed to remove Issue 1 but it has now been reinstated!

23rd Jan 2007

The "Ye Extras" page is really starting to beef up now!Think you know everything about the Man of Centuries?Head on over to the page now to see what all the excitement is about!

14th Jan 2007

Happy new year to all Adam Eterno fans and a big thank you to all our contributors!Have spent quite a bit of time housekeeping and making the links more fluid and sensible.A lot of hard work goes unseen but hopefully not unnoticed :-)
Have added a new page-Ye Extras-where I will be putting all Adam related stuff that doesn't quite fit in anywhere else.This site is constantly being updated so check back often.

17th Dec 2006

This site went live on 13th December 2006 and already I have received a ton of scans.I have the complete run of Thunder bar Issue 18,all the Thunder Annuals,all the Lion Holiday Specials except 1971,most of the Lion comics,the first 3 Lion Annuals 1975 to 1977,oh and 1 Valiant.Am slowly resizing them for faster download and going through the process of uploading to the Imageshack servers.So expect loads more in the new year.Adam is back!